Who is the Ultimate Plan for?

No labels – you want the best and nothing but.

The speed of this plan is its advantage. No matter what you’re doing we’re confident your internet service will no longer be a limiting factor. This is the kind of service that big business used to crave! At 307 Mpbs and symmetrical service your wifi password will be the most coveted secret on the block.

Want a 4K stream of the live game in multiple rooms at the same time? Go for it.

Uploading 2,000 photos of your trip south to social media? It’ll be done in a blink of an eye.

Download – 307 Mbps

Over six times faster than our Basic plan so that the 4K video will stream in all its glory with no buffering in multiple rooms on multiple devices at the same time.

Upload – 307 Mbps

Thirty times faster than our Basic plan because anyone who knows what symmetrical service is designed for knows why it needs to be so darn fast.

Unlimited Traffic1

Whether you are a serious video caller, or gamer, or streamer, the last thing you need is a limit. This plan has no limit.

Fiber Wifi Modem Rental – $10.00 / month2

After 36 months, provided the unit is working properly you won’t be charged the monthly fee anymore. Wish to pay the entire $360.00 up front? No problem. The modems remain the properly of 307NET for warranty purposes.

These modems are designed to be connected directly to the fiber optic cable from outside, so they cannot be replaced with an after-market modem however you can connect additional wifi routers to this modem with ethernet cords (not provided). Our installers will work with you to get you the best coverage across your home.

Installation – $300.00 one time

$300 one time fee for the technician who comes into your home to set up your wifi router. Yes – we will send an actual human to do the technical work and explain everything.

The wires from the street to the box on the outside of your house are all provided at no charge to you thanks to our government grants. Some limitations apply to driveways longer than 150 feet.

Price – $120.00 / month

Compared to what the competition charges for this level of service, this is a bargain!

1 For plans offering unlimited traffic usage remains subject to a fair usage policy. Should download usage within a billing period exceed 5 terabytes (TB) 307net will automatically restrict transfer speeds to that of the Basic plan.

2 Modem Rental is charged at $10.00 per month or a one time charge of $360.00 plus applicable taxes. If choosing to pay monthly, after 36 months provided the modem is functioning correctly the monthly fee will no longer be charged. Modems remain the property of 307net in all circumstances for warranty purposes.