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About 307NET

307NET is a Cantley-based non-profit organization with a mission to provide urban-quality internet service in our rural setting at an affordable price. Thanks to government grants we’ve been able to build this infrastructure and are now offering fiber optic internet services.

Compare Our Plans


50 Mbps Download

50 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Traffic1

$300 Installation Fee

$70/month + $10/month Modem Rental2


307 Mbps Download

307 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Traffic1

$300 Installation Fee

$85/month + $10/month Modem Rental2


1 Gbps Download

1 Gbps Upload

Unlimited Traffic1

$300 Installation Fee

$100/month + $10/month Modem Rental2

307NET Coverage Map

You can use the interactive map below to zoom in on the address you would like

service to.

Simply put, if your address is in a colored shape and on a highlighted street then you’re in luck.

If the address you’re interested in is along a highlighted road, but is not within a colored shape, then its a trunk line going by the address and we can’t provide service there at this time. If it isn’t clear, then by all means use the contact us form on this site and we’ll confirm for you.

1 For plans offering unlimited traffic usage remains subject to a fair usage policy. Should download usage within a billing period exceed 5 terabytes (TB) 307net will automatically restrict transfer speeds to that of the Basic plan.

2 Modem Rental is charged at $10.00 per month or a one time charge of $360.00 plus applicable taxes. If choosing to pay monthly, after 36 months provided the modem is functioning correctly the monthly fee will no longer be charged. Modems remain the property of 307net in all circumstances for warranty purposes.