Locally founded and managed in Cantley, Quebec, 307net is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide urban-quality internet service in our rural setting at an affordable price. Thanks to government grants we’ve been able to build this infrastructure and we’re excited to begin serving Cantleans soon!

Our Partners

Gouvernment du Canada

307net Volunteer Board of Directors

John Lomoro, Executive Director, Board of Directors

John Lomoro has been working on this project since November 2016 when he attended a meeting with the mayors of the MRC to discuss improving internet for the community. Little did anyone know this would become a full-time job in his retirement days. A founding member of 307net, John is now in his sixth year as a volunteer working on the idea of providing a major breakthrough for high speed internet in the region. In his previous life as a civil servant, he was responsible for preparing the new Museum of Civilization (now the National Museum of History) with new technology including its fibre optic network as well as the fibre network for the new Canadian War Museum.  John has enjoyed the lifestyle of rural living in Gatineau and Cantley since 1974.

Marc Deschenes, Chairman: Board of Directors

Marc is new resident (2020) of Cantley and has embraced the beautiful nature the neighborhood has to offer. Marc became a volunteer for 307net in 2021 and brings his experience in International Finance and senior management. Marc has a Finance major from Ottawa University. His experience spans over more than 25 years, and has been in business development management and risk analysis for financial institutions. 

Rock Chantigny, Chief Technology Officer, Board of Directors

Rock is a member of the CTO Enterprise Architecture team at the House of Commons as Senior IT Strategist for Network and Data Center. With nearly 30 years of experience as an Information Communications Technology, feel free to talk to him about IT Business Maturity, ISP, Networking, Peering, IXP, Data Center and Managed Services Solutions. As the CTO of 307net, his role began in 2017 in designing the network vision and strategy as well as contributing to the Design, planification, configuration and deployment of a FTTH network solution.

Terry Johnson, Treasurer, Board of Directors

A graduate of Carleton Universities’ Bachelor of Commerce program, Terry is a data guru by day with nearly 20 years of experience working with non-profits to develop reporting structures, algorithms, and data governance and business practices to maximize their efficiency and impact. A founding member of 307net, Terry’s role began in 2017 helping to craft budgets and the business case to secure the government grants necessary. Since then he has managed the accounting and finance requirements for 307net.

Danielle Carrier, Board of Directors

Danielle has been a resident of Mont Cascades since 1996. Danielle has 28 years experience in managing program administration at the federal and ministerial level.  Retired now, she likes to stay active on the golf course and ski slopes when she is not away travelling. Danielle has been a volunteer with 307net from the beginning. 

Allan Woods, Secretary, Board of Directors

Allan Woods is the Secretary to the Board of Directors of 307net. He has been happy to call Cantley home since 2008. Allan joined the initiative to bring high-speed internet to Cantley at its launch in 2017. Allan brings to the board 29 years of experience dealing with policy and program challenges in the federal government. His experience includes service at Public Security, Customs, Treasury Board Secretariat, and the Canada Revenue Agency.

1 For plans offering unlimited traffic usage remains subject to a fair usage policy. Should download usage within a billing period exceed 5 terabytes (TB) 307net will automatically restrict transfer speeds to that of the Basic plan.

2 Modem Rental is charged at $10.00 per month or a one time charge of $360.00 plus applicable taxes. If choosing to pay monthly, after 36 months provided the modem is functioning correctly the monthly fee will no longer be charged. Modems remain the property of 307net in all circumstances for warranty purposes.