Here Is How This Is Going To Work

Reserve Your Spot Early!

Supply chain issues continue to decimate the tech industry and high speed internet parts are no exception. We’ve ordered enough to serve several hundred homes, but there are over 1,000 houses that could connect to our service so its first come first serve. When you reserve your spot you are securing your position on that list. We will still verify that your address is valid for our services, and only then will you be sent a contract for service. There is nothing to lose by reserving your spot today.

To sign up simply fill out the form below

Watch For The Big Trucks

Part of the reason this took so long to get to this point is that we actually have to put wires up on  poles. We’ll spare you the details of what that entails, but once you see the big trucks on your street you’ll know the high speed internet is arriving soon.  

If you’ve completed a contract for service then another crew (slightly smaller trucks) will come soon after and attach a wire from the street to either the side of your home or to the start of your conduit (if you have it, you know what it is). 

If you don’t complete a contract before this truck goes down your street, make sure you complete it soon as the truck can always come back another day but not if they run out of parts!

This process does not interfere with your existing services like a telephone wire, so it won’t get in the way or disrupt your current access.

Keep An Eye On Your Email

Once the network is online, tested and working properly we’ll start booking in home connection appointments. 

These appointments will be entirely booked online (or by phone if your current internet is really that awful) and will go quick. We will do as many as we can every day all day until everyone we can serve is up and online.

This is the final step and once these crews have left you’ll finally have urban-quality high speed internet in the comforts of rural Cantley.

Customer Service

Our plan was never to have more customers than the big Telcos of Quebec, or to have faster service than they can offer, and to be honest they have deeper pockets so its not likely that we’ll ever be the cheapest. Our plan was to offer a great product at a great price and then back that up with great service. 

By the time you’re online we will have finished our mobile app so you can monitor usage easily. Our billing system will be set up so you can review your bill easily.  And we’ll have local Cantleans manning the phones ready to help you out should anything go awry.

1 For plans offering unlimited traffic usage remains subject to a fair usage policy. Should download usage within a billing period exceed 5 terabytes (TB) 307net will automatically restrict transfer speeds to that of the Basic plan.

2 Modem Rental is charged at $10.00 per month or a one time charge of $360.00 plus applicable taxes. If choosing to pay monthly, after 36 months provided the modem is functioning correctly the monthly fee will no longer be charged. Modems remain the property of 307net in all circumstances for warranty purposes.